Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teens having babies?!

Teen Pregnancy is not a subject to take lightly. Do I think teens should have babies? NO. Do I think teens should use abortion as birth control? NO. Do I think teens should have sex? That is up to the individual. Do I applaud teen moms? YES.

When a teen finds out they are pregnant there are choices to be made. Keep it, abort it or put it up for adoption. The best teen pregnancy books I have read so far are Dancing Naked, Annies Baby, Hanging on to Max and Baby Help. They all have different aspects that are great in them. You can experience pain, loss of childhood and regrets. Baby Help also adds abuse in the mix.

Hanging on to Max is about a father well the rest are about moms. In the end every book has made a choice. I wont give them away but they are all fitting.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think if teens have sex they should be safe about it because not all of them are.

Angie said...

I read a book about a teenager, single father that was pretty good. It was called First Part Last by Angela Johnson.

Bostan said...

I agree with you, Teens should not have babies!

I have a problem with schools, instead of telling their students that they should not have sex, they teach them safe Sex.
I just think that is wrong.

Sadako said...

Have you read No More Saturday Nights? It's from the POV of a teen father whose girlfriend gets pregnant. They don't stay together but he keeps the baby and goes away to college with his son. It's by Norma Klein, and is v. good.