Friday, May 8, 2009

From a mom...

For this interview I asked my mom some questions that came to me. It's important to know what our mom's have to say.

You have a 12 year old daughter who loves the books like The Clique. The A-list is like that, except the girls are older and behave worse. Do you have a problem with her reading those?
It really depends on the child.

Do you keep tabs on what your 12 year old reads?
Kind of.

You wouldn’t Allow Ashley to read Forever until 8th grade. Why was this choice made? Will it be the same with the younger one?
Forever was a big deal when I was that age. In today’s culture it really is probably not as shocking as it was for me and my peers. I would probably allow my younger daughter to read it sooner. I guess I’m mellowing with age…

Do you think books are to blame for an increase in the sexuality among teens?
No. I do feel though that books often show sex in a fairytale sort of manner.

Should Middle School libraries be allowed to have copies of The A-list, Gossip Girl, and Forever?
As I haven’t read these books it is hard to say. It would be great though to have books that keep young girls attention without sex having to be such a big part of them.

Do you think teens should be allowed to take sex ed with out parental consent?
Um, probably. I think parents should be notified and allowed to review the curriculum that will be taught. Knowledge is what allows us all to make wise choices.

In Oregon you can get birth control with out parental consent at a young age. Is this good or bad in your opinion?
It is so hard to make things black and white. I just hope that my own daughters will always be able to come to me.

Are you ever shocked to hear of things going on in your daughter’s middle school that are sexual?
Not necessarily shocked, but often saddened.

At what point is the sexual content to high for a book to be Young Adult?
I think the insinuation is enough without needing to be graphic.

If Ashley’s friend was considering becoming sexually active but couldn’t talk to their mom would you help them out?
I would be willing to help them with general facts.

Any Last thoughts?
I think often the fascination with sex is because it is seen as something forbidden. Anyone making the choice to be sexually active needs to be mature enough to understand what all the consequences of this may be.

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KD said...

oh! I love your iterview idea! I ever thought to interview a mom before on their view on books. :D