Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teen sex Month

Wow two themed months in a row. What a shocker. I have noticed lately how many book for teens involve Sex as a main aspect. I'm not going to put a definition of sex on her because if your parents havn't had THE TALK with you yet you probably shouldn't be reading these books anyways. I have also seen how much teen pregnancy is going on so we will talk about that. Here are some things to expect...
~Gossip Girl
~The A-List
~Annie's Baby
~A breif focus on Rape


Lenore said...

Interesting. Have you read Anatomy of a Boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Teen sex does seem to come up a lot in books now dosen't it? I don't think that's right to have it come up that much because it just encourages teens to have sex.

Clara said...

The book Good Girls by Laura Ruby is all about's pretty graphic for teens, at least.

Anonymous said...

I work with teens, and this has been a topic on my mind lately. Questions like the one luckygirl posed - does teen sex in books (or in TV) make teens have sex more? The whole do books mirror trends or create trends question? I will be interested to see where you take this.