Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skeleton Creek Series

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Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine
Patrick Carman
$14.99 each
February and November 2009
FTC: I received these books from the publisher with the understanding that I would provide an honest review with no compensation.

Characters 18/20
Plot 18/20
Setting 16/20
Cover 15/20
Ending 18/20
Total grade: 85% B

Total rating: 13+ for creep factors

Summary: (Amazon)
Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher wonder how Skeleton Creek, OR, received its name. Research takes them on a nighttime expedition to a mechanical dredge, where Ryan breaks his leg. The teens think the dredge is haunted by Joe Bush, a miner killed there. The book is interspersed with Sarah's videos, which can be accessed on the Internet. The mystery remains to be solved; sequels are guaranteed.

My Thoughts:
I will start right off and say I was not a fan. I did not like the bouncing between online and book. I want to be able to sit down and read a book all the way through without having to go online. I also felt the plot left much to be desired. It was unique but not full.

It was cool that is was set in Oregon since not many books are! I’m an Oregon girl (by birth not choice) so the publicity is kind of cool. No I’ve never heard of a Skeleton Creek though ;)

I recommend this to mystery and creepy book fans.

Here is a random quote from each book I found by opening to a random page:

When he saw me, dad sat me on his lap and touched my knees with a cold dishrag from the kitchen sink.

I had turned the light off so it was totally dark except for the light from my


Laina said...

Your last quote is cut off a bit?

Anyways, I love Patrick Carman. I haven't read these, but I devoured his Land of Elyon books. They're really good. But I don't really love the idea of part of the book being online, either. What about people who don't have internet? Because not everyone does.

Too bad these disappointed you!!!

Anonymous said...

They should make a third one

Anonymous said...

They should make a third book