Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet 16!!

There will be no Must Monday today because I am off celebrating my SWEET 16... During finals week. Wish me luck, in a few days I may be a licensed driver! Lets take a trip down memory lane...

It all started with a baby Ashley, fighting to breath.

Then came infant Ashley, the pony rider.

Then I was "given" a "blessing" named Erica :)

Then I was a freshman.

There is my sister and I all grown up. She is now 12, and I am 16.

SWEET 16!!!


Aye.Me? said...

Well Happy Birthday! Good luck with your finals! I hope you get your license and have a great day!

TruBlu93 said...

Happy Birthday! I still haven't gone for my license but good luck with yours, and finals.

Anonymous said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen!!! :D

Nickles said...

Happy Sixteen! Oh, it brings back memories of my own...I believe I was visiting in some small scenic town in Germany and b/c the drinking age there was 16, I had myself some beer ;]! Hope you're doing something uber-special for the b-day!

Shalonda said...

Woohoo! Happy 16th birthday!