Thursday, July 19, 2012

House on Plunkett Street

House on Plunkett Street
House on Plunkett Street
Lorena Bathey
Lorena B. Books
May 4th, 2012

    Phoebe Bertram is boring, bland, and unexciting. She works a job that is inadequate of her abilities. She has a boyfriend that is a dud. She is on the treadmill of her life and doesn't know how to get off. With changes in her job and her apartment going condo, she must find a new place to live. Her friend Meghan brings her to the perfect apartment and the moment Phoebe steps in the door she knows there is something atypical about this perspective residence. What she never expects are the three ghosts that arrive on her couch to teach her how life is really meant to be lived.

My Thoughts:
     From the start this was a very good book. My biggest worry with books that have not been published with big name companies is how well they are actually edited. I hear this fear from many other reviewers as well.This one was remarkably done.
    Phoebe could be your best friend or neighbor. She was so easy to connect with, it added so much to the story. She portrayed a typical woman in this day and age. She is stuck in a life that just doesn't meet her desires. When big changes are thrown at her it is just what she needs.

    The plot was easy to follow and didn't leave anything untouched. I was able to sit back and just enjoy myself as I read this book. I felt that the story ended in a great spot. It was upbeat and quirky. All in all, it was a great book, wrapped in a beautiful package
    I recommend this to adult readers.

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Lorena Bathey said...

Thank you for the lovely review for House on Plunkett Street. So glad you liked the book! And thank you for supporting this Indie author.
Lorena Bathey