Friday, July 6, 2012

Jealous of books?

    No this is not a review. It is a post about something I keep thinking about while reading. So many books I have read recently have these amazing friendships in them and it has made me think about the friendships in my own life. Maybe it is not normal to be jealous of characters from a novel but then again I'm not really normal.

    The friends in books are always together. They are there for each other when things are good AND bad. That is what I feel like friendship should be. I had a great group of friends through middle school but in high school it stopped. Now that I'm a married adult I feel like it is even worse.

    The friendships I see more and more of are the ones where people want to be involved in the drama when times are bad. Yes being there for your friend when she gets diagnosed with cancer is wonderful but what about the friend that just got married? Wouldn't it be just as important to show up for her wedding or even her bridal shower? A friendship is not calling someone every 3 months or so when nothing better is going on. Friends are there for each other often, even if all they have time for is a quick "thinking of you" text.

    Since I have realized I am jealous of the friendships I find in books it has got me wondering what others are jealous of.  So this brings me to my question. Have you ever been jealous of something or someone from a book? Comment below!


Kami said...

I'm often jealous of friendships too. I think "why can't I have a friend like that? Someone who is loyal and I can tell EVERYTHING to?" I'm also jealous of some girls who overcome their fear or things they have a hard time with. I wish I could be like that. I wish I could say things and do things as awesome as some characters. *sigh* Sometimes being another person seems so awesome, but then other times, I'm happy to be me.

Bethany said...

I thought I was the only one who was jealous of fictional friendships! When I was in middle school, I was really paranoid when I read about what good friends are like in YA. I thought I was somehow doing something incorrectly, and if I just switched something up I, too, could have amazing friends. I was a weird middle schooler.

booksaremybestfriend said...

I am jealous of a some friendships too. Some characters are just so nice and loyal that I wish I knew them in real life too.

stargirlreads said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I look at some ofmy friendships and wonder if people don't know how to be friends anymore or if I just expect too much because of all the perfect friendships I read about.