Thursday, January 31, 2013

And When She Was Good (Laura Lippman)

And When She Was GoodAnd When She Was Good
Laura Lippman
From: Library

Grade: A+
Audience: Adult

Synopsis (Barnes and Noble):
When Hector Lewis told his daughter that she had a nothing face, it was just another bit of tossed-off cruelty from a man who specialized in harsh words. But now, Heloise considers it a blessing to know how to avoid attention. At home, she's merely a mom and a lobbyist with a good cause and a mediocre track record.
But in discreet hotel rooms, she's the woman of your dreams—if you can afford her hourly fee.

For more than a decade, Heloise has believed she is safe. Only now her secret life is under siege. One county over, another so-called suburban madam has been found dead in her car, a suicide. Or is it?

And then she learns that her son's father might be released from prison, which is problematic because he doesn't know he has a son. He also doesn't realize that he's serving a life sentence because Heloise betrayed him.

Heloise has to remake her life—again. Disappearing will be the easy part. The trick will be living long enough to start a new life.

My thoughts: 
I read a review for this book in a magazine and it sounded enjoyable. Sadly, most books that I find in magazines end up being overrated. Due to that I decided to check this book out from the library instead of buying it. I should have just bought it.  It was one of the best books I have read in a long time.

You will find yourself drawn to Heloise from the first chapter. There is an undeniable spark in her, something I look for in all characters. She is feisty and vulnerable at the same time. That makes her incredibly unpredictable and fun to get to know. She is the kind of woman who stands her ground and then goes home without giving it a second thought. Her personality is what made this book so spectacular.

The story itself was wonderfully written. I loved how we progressed through time with flashes back after each chapter that were relevant to what we had just read. I am not always a huge fan of flashbacks but this was done in a creative and insightful way.

Laura gives us just enough insight to want to keep reading but is careful to never give anything away. While reading this book I got back in touch with expecting the unexpected. There was a hint of mystery on each page, even when things should be looking up. It kept me flipping pages because I could tell something was coming and I had to know what it was.

I recommend this book to my adult (and older teen) readers. Please keep in mind that prostitution plays a key role in the story.


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