Sunday, January 6, 2013

Burned by Sara Shepard

Burned (Pretty Little Liars Series #12)Burned
Sara Shepard

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Grade: B
Rating: Teens

It's spring break, and the pretty little liars are trading in Rosewood for a cruise vacation. They want nothing more than to sail into the tropical sunset and leave their troubles behind for one blissful week. But where Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna go, A goes, too. From scuba diving to tanning on the upper deck, A is there, soaking up all their new secrets.

Emily is smooching a stowaway. Aria's treasure-hunting partner is a little too interested in her booty. Spencer's going overboard trying to land a new boy. And a blast—or rather, a crash—from Hanna's past could mean rough waters ahead for everyone.

The liars better tighten their life jackets. A perfect storm is brewing, and if they aren't careful, A will bury them at sea. . . .

My thoughts: 
I really was expecting this to be the end. The first book was one of the first books I ever reviewed. I loved it and was very excited to be sent the next three to review as well. I was told that this was going to be a four book series and I talked it up big time. Then it became an eight book series. Then a twelve. As I was reading every page of this book I was waiting for everything to fall into place. It did not. Little did I know until I finished reading it that there are more books to come. Oh joy.

I gave it a "B" because it is part of a series that I enjoy. I am a sucker and continue to buy every Pretty Little Liars book even though I find them to becoming a bit sold-out. Every problem that a "troubled" teenager could possibly face happens in this series. I just want to scream, "what the hell," over and over again.

The best thing about this series is that it has inspired so many reluctant readers to read. Many friends of mine have started reading because of this series. Sara should be very pleased with herself because of that. Even if it isn't a work of literary art she has inspired life long readers. That is something we all should be able to applaud.

There is no way to really review this particular book without giving away bits and pieces from past books. Therefor my general statement on this series is read it if you want something light and easy to devour but not if you want a "great" series.

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