Saturday, January 5, 2013

I was lost...

Wow, somehow I managed to disappear for a few months. I had every intention of blogging but I could not motivate myself to do it. Reviewing was becoming a job for me, I was not enjoying it as much. There were a few reasons.

 First off, I was forcing myself to read books I had no interest in reading. I started this blog to review YA books but somehow I was becoming flooded with adult books to review. I should have stayed true to what I love and not forced myself to change.  Some adult books are awesome. Now that I am back I will be reviewing some adult books BUT my primary focus will be shifting back to young adult (and the ever fun New Adult trend).

The second reason I stopped reviewing was because I was tired of playing games. There are all these "who has the most followers" and "who gets the best ARC" games going on. That is not what I started reviewing. I was actually interviewed by a company years ago to review for them and that is why I started. I decided that it was fun and I wanted to go out on my own. Back then there was a very small, tight group of reviewers. We all were having a blast. Not very many of the people I started reviewing with almost 5 years ago do it anymore. Most of them got tired of battling with the people who started for free books.  All this drama started when they all came along. Now the community is much bigger and I don't see as much of the "free-book-aholics" as there use to be. Thank goodness.

The third reason I stopped reviewing was time. I work in the medical world. Weeks where I work 3 days I get 40 hours. For awhile I was working 5 days. I had no energy left to dedicate to the 30 or so hours I spent doing blog/book stuff when I was working 65ish hours a week. So that has made me decide that in coming back I will post when I have time and not kick myself the weeks that I only put 2 posts out there.

So anyways, I am now done rambling on. Glad to be back.

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