Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching you up...

I have a few things to say today so I'll try to keep this organized!

Carol is having two great giveaways. and so check them out!

Also don't forget to enter the two contests I'm hosting. They are not random but all you need to do is comment answering the question in 2 or more sentences. Not so hard? and The contests end mid-next week.

After my little rant the other day I received a few emails so i thought it was important to clarify a few things.

When does a new blogger just become a blogger? I guess it was unfair to give a particular month. If you post everyday for a whole month, obviously your doing better than the person who's been around for three yet posts once every other week.

When is it okay to start asking for books? I guess this is a personal choice. If you want to ask from day one go right ahead. Just know you wont be popular among the bloggers. I'd wait AT LEAST two months because you need to be in the swing of things. As a new blogger your still in the developmental stage. It's not fair to an author if they give you a book, yet nobody reads your reviews.

Whats the biggy with ARC's? Did you know ARC's can cost more to an author then actual copies? They aren't having them printed by the thousands so it just can get pricey. Authors deserve to make money. If you want to help them then great! I buy more books than I get from authors. Why? Because they deserve a profit from the incredible amount of work they do.

That's all guys. Email me if you want!

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