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If you babysit for a child and can tell they are abused what would you do?
From past experiences, I have found out that the only way that you can get any professional help if a child is being abused, whether they are being abused physically, or verbally is if you have hands on truth. If I was babysitting a child in an abusive situation that was being verbally mistreated, the child would need to tell me what was going on, and preferably, I should have it recorded as evidence, for it to the case to even be seriously looked at. If the child told and showed me an injury that was in result of being abused, I would have to see it and then report it instead of her friend telling me, and then me reporting it. If I was babysitting a child that was being abused I would try to get as much proof as I could so that the case could be taken seriously and be considered.

Best Child abuse/ rape book?
I haven't read to many child abuse/rape books, however, "Touch" by Francine Prose (coming out in June!!) is about a teenage girl who is touched inappropriately in the back seat of a school bus by her jealous 'supposedly' best friends. I haven't read it yet, but "Living Dead Girl" sounds like it will be an amazing book, and is also on this subject.

Best abuse/ rape songs?
"Cold as You" by Taylor Swift

Why do you think child abuse is soo high right now?
I think that part of the reason child abuse is so high right now is partly because of the economy. It is sad, but I think that more people are getting depressed, mad, sad, and well, meaner because of it, making them more inclined to do this. I also think that people are starting to get lazier and not be as careful, resulting in doing the wrong things without even thinking things through first. I wish that people would think about what they are doing, and what they would think if someone was doing it to them.

Any other thoughts?
Verbal abuse can be as bad as physical abuse. Verbal abuse may not affect children physically, however, it affects and changes the way they think for the rest of their lives unless it is helped. When your own parents say that they don't like you, wish you weren't alive, and that they will "kill" you if you don't do something really affects the way you think, act, and are as a being. However, verbal abuse probably isn't as well taken care of because you cant prove it unless you have proof. There may not be any bruises on the outside, but in the inside they can be larger than life.

Thank you Ashley for letting me guest interview!! Also, thanks so much for using this month to get the word out about child abuse, I hope that the world can get a little brighter!

If you are a friend is being abused contact your local police or RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE(4673).

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