Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pedophile/ Teacher-student relations

Pedophiles are all over. I met one once. He found me on a website when I was 13. He told me I was sexy. That he wanted to meet and F**k me. Very disturbing. Teachers also are having sexual relationships with students. If you get a creepy feeling around a teacher do something!

Urban dictionary: an adult who is sexually attracted to children.

I read a book called Treacherous Love. It was incredible. What this charming teacher did to a young student is crazy. You just want to punch him!

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Liyana said...

That's creepy, that you had a real life encounter with a pedophile. :/

Seeing the title, I thought you were takling about the book Fade by Lisa McMann, as it has something to do about pedophiles too. Are you going to do a review on Treacherous Love? Who's the author?