Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not my usual review

So I'm finishing DreamLand and decided to do a unique review. Comments?

Dreamland was incredible. the start was slow but once the abuse started I was bawling. Why the hell would a girl put up with that? If my boyfriend (Bryant I love ya : >) was beating the crap out of me for being ten seconds late or saying hi to my male teacher we would be so done.

I have a few question: For those of you who have read this book. I will post my favorite answers here tomorrow but.... What do you think keeps her from telling?

Why does she give up all her chances?

Why does she turn to sex to avoid her pain?

Why the hell would you lose your V-card to someone who beats you for random crap?

Yes all of those things do happen in this book. There is the best friend who should realize somethings up but doesn't. The over involved mom who still cant see through. AND the pain in the butt boyfriend who thinks its okay to "control" his girlfriend by beating the stuffing out of her. This is a must read girls. This is a must read guys! This is a must read moms. You will all be effected by the depth Sarah Dessen put in

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Laina said...

Ummm... would you mind next time posting spoiler warnings? -_-