Friday, April 24, 2009

Fab Friday

If you would like your blog spotlighted on a friday email me at Princessashley9 AT gmail DOT com.

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How did you learn about blogging?: It was just all over the news about "online journals". I first really got interested in Book Blogging when I first started reading Book Chic's blog on MySpace. His blog was the one that I was most interested in when I looked at the blogs I subscribed to.

Opinions of people who blog for free books: If you start a blog for free books, you are not a real book blogger. You are just a person who wants to take advantage of nice people.

Something unique about you or your blogging: I am not your average teenager. I try to stay in the shadows, so I will not speak much, but I can get attention with just my fashion. (I also didn't start talking until I was 3 years old.)

Person who taught you the most about blogging: Not necessarily taught me, but who inspired me the most is Book Chic.

When did you learn to read: I was about 5.

Who taught you: My dad

Favorite book: There are way too many to choose from.

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BookChic said...

Fun little interview! And thanks for the mentions- you're too sweet!! :)