Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Contest

Wow another contest so soon! Can you believe it?!

Here are the details!

Book to win: Living Dead Girl
Open to: US and Canada Only
I will select a winner on th 16th!

How to win:
+1 For a comment
+1 For subscribing
+2 For already being a subscriber
+2 For telling me what you'd say to a friend who is being abused
+2 For linking the contest (links please :))
+3 For a post on your blog about my abuse month feature. Give me the link :)

So many chances to enter! Good Luck! Lets get the word out there about abuse guys!


Brooke Reviews said...

Great idea for abuse month!

I'm already a subscriber.

I've been in the situation where a friend of mine was being abused. I've found that it's best not to be gentle about (at least with her it wasn't). I tried that route, but then decided to just be blunt and tell her what her life or unlife was going to be like if she didn't get out.

Great Contest!

Lalaland said...

I think...I would tell my friend that she needs to get out of the situation now, or the rest of her life is will be in misery.

I'm already following you.
I blogged about it.

Katie said...

+2 was already a subscriber
+2 I'd tell that I cared about them and didn't want them to get hurt anymore and that there are places and ways to go to get help.
+2 put a link in my sidebar
+3 Blogged about the child abuse month feature here:

Laina said...

Hi. :)
I'm already a follower.
I actually did just talk to a friend who was getting into an unhealthy relationship and I said anything I could to see that, including bringing up Chris Brown and Rhianna. Which was probably a little low, but it worked.
I put a link here:

And I posted about your abuse month here:

Amy said...

great contest! I'd tell the friend that I'm there to listen and to get help.

Storyheart said...

I've sent you an email re a great author and person to try and interview about Child Abuse.

I had her on my blog radio a few weeks ago with her book.

Barry (Storyheart)

anotherpageisused said...

I'm already a subscriber(:

I've had a friend go through abuse. I saw how hard it was on her, me and her other friends. I was always there for her to listen and anything else that she needed. She knew that she could talk to me whenever wherever and that I would listen. Her dad gets drunk every day, he would hit her and yell at her. So she turned to cutting, drugs, guys, and later she even started drinking. I told her anything i thought would help her. I tried to scare her, everything. She didnt always listen to me, but i think the thing that helped her the most, was knowing that i would always be there for her no matter what, that i would always listen.

i blogged about it here,

and i put a link in the post(:


Lilibeth Ramos said...

I do think that we should get the word out there about abuse--all tyes!

+Already a Subscriber

Jenna said...

Great contest in light of abuse month!

+2 For already being a subscriber

Being a friend of someone who is being abused is a tricky place to be. They tend to be either too insecure about themselves so they think they desrve what is happening to them (which they never do), or they neevr let their guard down to let you in. Like, I said it's tricky. I think what you have to let them know is that you are their for them, no matter what.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of abuse month!


The Not So Closet Geeks said...

This book sounds so good!


(: Isa :) said...

I'm following.

Yeah, abuse is a very touchy subject and if I had a friend who was goin through that I would want them to feel like they could talk to me about it. I'd like to think I could get them out of it, but I don't know what I would actually do if in that situation.

liane66 said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

liane66 said...

I would tell my friend to think about what she would do for a friend in a similar situation. then I would do it for her.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Sadako said...

Entering your contest--+1 entry.

The Voter said...

Abuse can affect so one so much, even after it's over. They never think it's over and they need a lot of help from people that love them. And sometimes that is harder to do than to say because sometimes it's just hard to break from old habits.

I am already a subscriber.


Anonymous said...

This is a book I've been wanting to read for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I young relative was in an sexually abusive situation. I told her her abuser is in jail, to not allow him to continue ruining her life. She is doing amazingly well.

mindy said...

very nice thanks for the giveaway

kathy55439 said...

Great book thank you for the contest

Amber said...

I just found out about your blog and I think it's great what you're doing for this month!

I am now following you (stalker sound there)

Honestly, I have no clue what I would say to my friend, except to make sure they realize that what is going on isn't their fault. No one should be treated like that.


Lady Roxi said...

Love to have this.



Tracey said...

This sounds like a great book.

I would tell my friend to have a plan. Have a place to go that he doesnt know about and leave when he is gone. It will not get better. He will not change.

Summer said...

Great Giveaway Thank you! please enter me.


tatertot374 said...

Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. THank you