Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guest Review:

I read Such a Pretty Girl for the first time two and a half years ago and there hasn’t been a week that’s gone by when I haven’t thought about it. This book changed my life the second I opened it and read its pages. Such a Pretty Girl has made me aware about the subject of sexual abuse. When 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused in her lifetime I think it’s something every female should of some knowledge of. That a scary statistic, isn’t it?

Such a Pretty Girl is the perfect book to start learning about it because Laura Wiess really digs into the subject and shows the effect that it has on its victim, Meredith; though she doesn’t like to think of herself as one. She is the strongest, bravest character that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Period. Meredith is the kind of character that all sexually assaulted victims can look up to because—even though she puts herself in harms way—she takes charge of her life and changes it for the better. I admire her greatly for that.

It is heart breaking when people like Meredith’s mother turn a blind eye to what is happening right before them. She was so frustrating, not only as a mother, but as a person and character in general. The way she ignored Meredith and her abuse was absolutely heartbreaking. I had to look away and put the book down so many times because it was so hard to read.

I don’t want to give away too much because this is a story that Meredith needs to tell readers herself; she is such a wonderful character and she has something to say to everyone who takes a chance and picks up this once in a lifetime book. Laura Wiess is an amazing author and she tells this amazing story with such heartfelt truth!

Kelsey (Just Blinded Book Reviews),http://justblindedbookreviews.blogspot.com

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Sadako said...

This sounds like a great read...sexual abuse is often so hard to read about, but relevant.