Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best Books to Movies- 1

A brief 2 part feature where I will talk about 2 books to movies that I liked in each.

Book/ Movie one: Harry Potter
Cover Image Cover Image
They did a great job of capturing all the details in the first movie. As for 3,4,5.... :(
What do you guys think? Will 6 be good?
Book/ Movie 2: The Theif Lord
I read the book in 3rd grade (yes I was an advaced reader even back then :P) and again in 6th grade as a class. We proceeded to watch the movie and I must say it was FANTASTIC!!!!! Have you guys read or seen it?


Bookworm said...

I love the HP movies but I've only read one book! (i know, I'm pathetic LOL). The sixth looks intense, but I can't wait!!!!!

Laina said...

I've seen The Theif Lord, I loved it. So good.

KD said...

I agree! They did a good job for the book in the first movie in Harry potter. Then the rest they kind of sucked. Then again didn't they have a new doubledore and director or whatever for every movie?

Laina said...

I actually like the third and fourth ones best myself.

And complaining the new dumbledore isn't fair. The original, sadly, died...

stargirlreads said...

I did like 4 but not 3. 2 was great too.