Friday, February 13, 2009


Its friday again! This week Amanda of is joining us!

I asked her why she started it and I think her answer was great! " I started it because I was inspired by other book bloggers. I absolutly {SP} love to read, and figured, why not put my thoughts public? After observing other book blogs, I knew what to do. I absolutly {sp} love keeping track of the books I read, and want to read. I also love putting out my opinion to other aspiring readers.And I also like hearing their thoughts just as well!"

She has 25 followers and 17 other blogs listed. She wants more followers, so guys get on it! :)

Her advice for new bloggers was fantastic. Might have to have her write the blog tips for the newsletter one of these times. " The best adivice {SP}I could give to new bloggers, is to be different from other blogs/bloggers. If there are too many of the same blogs, how will anything be interesting out there in the blog world? If you learn from other people's blogs, and reviews, you can learn the basics. But give it your thoughts, not just what other people think about the book. I guess that's all I could say, because if I said anymore, I'd be running your blog! Keep it different!"

Some of her favorite reviews she has written: "All of them are special to me in my own way. Some of my best reviews, in my opinion include, The Rule Of Won, Rebel In Blue Jeans, and all of the recent ones. Because, I have been blogging for almost a year, and I have been getting more into this whole book blogging, and I think my reviews are getting better too."

Lastly, a snipet!
" it's just Rebel and her animals. But don't forget about the over-protective Garret boys.
They live close enough to Rebel to destroy her life but bring her happiness through the rough times. They live to protect her, and invade in her private life with other boys. Especially when she meets Rick. He goes to college, and has a body every girl dreams their boyfriends should have. When they begin to date, Sully and Will defend and warn her that he is not all he is made out to be. Drugs, parties, and other things that make him a negative person don't bother Rebel. Everyone has their faults. But she believes he is a better person now."

Thanks so much for coming Amanda!


Bookworm said...

Cool! I'm glad I discovered a new blog today. (: I'm now following her!

stargirlreads said...

Good :)