Thursday, February 26, 2009


"You're in?"
Claire By Lisi Harrison
Grade: A
Rating: G
Claire has always wanted to compete in the Miss Kiss pageant. Who would have known that the first year she was eligible would be the last year she was eligible. When she is asked to judge Miss Kiss as the celeb judge it’s a dream come true… Until Massie shows up and decides to enter using Claire’s address. How can Claire decide which friends to help and which friends to leave in the dust?
Some people may say I’m too old for The Clique series but it is one of my book loves and has been since fifth grade. I found this to be one of the better summer collection books, as the summer ones were my least favorite in the series. The Claire book was entertaining yet clean at the same time. The drama was funny yet still has seriousness that was necessary to it. The girls had you laughing at many points and felling sorry at others shortly after. I will forever be grateful to Lisi Harrison for creating a series that got my formerly anti-reading sister and her just as anti friends loving books. I’d rate this novella ages 9 plus because as I stated before it was fairly clean.



I say you're never too old to read the Clique. Honestly? You're never too old to read teen books/watch teen films/write about teens and to relate to teen angst/experiences! These are some of the most meaningful experiences of our lives and when an author (or filmmaker or anyone else) captures it well, it deserves to be recognized. Great review! I still need to read the summer series. xo

stargirlreads said...

You really should :) AND Ps I loathe you :)