Friday, February 27, 2009

Fab Friday

This week we have my good friend Lexi here with us. Her blog is located at:

When asked why she started her blog she said: "I started the blog because when i joined BookDivas I noticed that a lot of people had them. I thought they looked cool and I thought they would be a lot of fun. And it turned out that they are."

She had 24 followers at last count :)

She had good advice for new bloggers. "I think that the advice that I would I would give to new bloggers is to not be discouraged. To dive head first into your blog and try to tell a lot of people about it. Sometimes it takes awhile for your blog to pick up, but when it does its amazing."

Her favorite review was for 13 Reasons Why. Here is a snipet:
"The first love of Clay Jensen has recorded her last words.

One day after school, Clay returns home to find a mysterious box sitting on his porch.

His name is on it but there's no return address.

When he opens it he finds seven cassette tapes.

Recorded by his crush and classmate, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks before.

On the tapes, Hannah's voice tells that there are 13 reasons why she killed herself.

There's people. There's stories. There's Clay."

Her last words: "Thanks for letting me do this Ashley. =]
Anyone who wants to finish reading my review can just click the link for my blog.
You can comment, talk to me, or ask me any questions you might have for me."

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