Thursday, February 19, 2009


"No it's worth everything."
Cover Image Faketastic by Alexa Young
Breaking it down:
characters 10 theme 8
uniqueness 10 cover 10
plot 10 back 10
settings 8 feelings 8
well developed 10 creativity 10
94% A
Sex 10 self destruction 10
kissing 6 mental 10
swearing 8 gore 10
f-bombs 10 challenge 9
violence 10 drinking/drugs 10
93% G
Avalon and Halley are back! That is until they both want things their other friends have. They decide to get into a fake fight, and help each other get what they want. One simple misunderstanding just might ruin things for good.
My Thoughts:
Faketastic was a great book. The fashion column was hillarious. It really did have me laughing out loud. This novel had me staying up late, just to finish a chapter. Way to go, Alexa!


Bookworm said...

This one's on my shelf and I can't wait to start--I loved Frenemies! Go Halvalon! (;

stargirlreads said...

I'm a Halley person myself but they are better together


Thanks for the great review! So glad you enjoyed the book. :) xo

stargirlreads said...

No problem. Thanks for the book :)

Lenore said...

I really have to read these!! I am so in the mood for something light and fun right now...

teenreadersgather said...

This is the book for that!!!!