Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogger Interview

Today Rachel from http://thebookwars.blogspot.com/ is here to visit. If you would like to be interviewed please comment with your email and blog link.

1. How did you come across your first book blog?
Well I actually never knew there were book blogs until I was talking to my friend about books. I was telling her how I love to talk about books I read, and she said that I should start a blog and then she showed me hers. As soon as I saw it I said "Now this could be fun" and I have been having fun ever since.

2. What was the first book you reviewed? Did you like it?
The first book I reviewed was Hush, Hush and I absolutely loved it! I would recommend it to anyone who like paranormal or fantasy books. When I was sent this book I was so excited to read it that I ended up reading it in a day.

3. How many books do you buy each month? Bought any good ones this month?
Too be honest I think I spend more money on books than on my rent. I would say I buy anywhere from 30-40 books each month depending on how much money I have (I am a college student). This has just started but I am looking forward to buying many books!

4. What is unique about your blog?
I think that my blog brings a sense of humor to everything, I want everyone to feel welcome so I try and make them laugh. Also when I review books I make sure I give an accurate description to let everyone know if they would like the book. I try and find books everyone will like, and give recommendations. I guess I just try and make my blog like me, so everyone can know me as well as the books I read.

5. Who is your favorite author and why?
This is definitely a tough question, however I would have to say at the moment I am in love with Christopher Moore. Mainly because he is the funniest author ever! He takes paranormal and fantasy and twist it into humor, even serious subjects he finds a way to make it hilarious.

6. Ever met any bloggers in person? Who?
Well I don't think this counts but my friend Jessica who started me on book blogging. Her blog is called Books Love Jessica Marie she is very nice. I do want to meet more bloggers though, I would love for all of us to get together at a big book convention!

7. What was your favorite childhood book?
Ironically my favorite childhood book is Where the Wild Things Are, and now that they are turning it into a movie! I am so excited to go and see it! Also when I was younger I loved to read the Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings series.

8. Were you slow or fast when it came to learning to read?
When I was younger I was slower when it came to reading however I think it was because my school made me read things I did not want to read. When I was little I thought all books were like history and science book and so I never wanted to read. Then as I grew I fell in love with Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal books and I can read any book in a day (when I am not in class, or sometimes when I am in class =] ).

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