Friday, October 30, 2009


Today Kaylynn is here for an interview. Her blog is:
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1. Who is your favorite author and why?
This is a terribly hard question to answer, but I'll go on a limb. All authors who write paranormal are my absolutely favorite. Kind of mean, but hey favorite genre equals a favorite authors, eh?

2. What has been your favorite school assigned book? Why?
Actually, just last year I read a book for school that I just loved. The Awakening by Kate Chopin, it's a classic! Which is really unusual for me.

3. Are there any bloggers that really inspire you?
All bloggers, (: Through each and every one I see, it shows me what I can add to my blog and just how to love books. And sometimes that's a whole array of things.

4. What is your goal with your blog?
My goal for my blog would be just having more people see my reviews and just my blog. It sounds silly, but I want people to see what I think about books and such. It's really just for fun anyways.

5. As a child what book did you love?
Hm, I'm guessing it had to be The Amelia Bedlia series. I read every book in my elementary school's library so many times. Do you remember those? I do! I use to borrow my friends all the time!!! :)

6. Where did your love of reading come from?
I'm not sure, actually. If you would get this, I've always loved reading but my friends sort of found it lame so I stopped loving it. Ah, the peer pressure those days. But now I could care less now and my love for books and reading is totally visible (:

7. Do you want to write a book? If so whats it about?
Ooh, I love writing. I have written so many beginnings of books, I have a whole folder filled. But I decided to settle down, ha, with just working on one. It's about this girl, named Harley, who has horrible nightmares. One day this "ghost" (she doesn't know it) pops up after the worse dream she had yet and she finds out she's something totally un-realistic. The thing is she has to deal with being a teenager all the while. Not as confusing as it sounds, I should have said what she is, but nah (: Aw holding back on us??? :)

8. Anything unique about you or your blog?
There is just one thing that makes my blog unique, or at least I like to think. Every once and awhile I post about songs that I love right then and there. It's always posted at night so it's called Nighttime's Darling Songs. It's not really a meme, but it's a definite feature with my blog. Other than that, I'm normal when it comes to blogging (:

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