Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogger Interview

Today Anna from http://booknerds.net/ is here to chat! If you would like to be interviewed please comment with your email!

1. Give me one sentence to describe your blog.
Hmm... one sentence.... how about: YA Book Reviews? I have no idea, I'm really horrible at summary type things!

2.What is your favorite book cover? Why?
Hmm.. What's with the hard questions yo? Actually this one is really really easy: Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender. The cover, and really the whole jacket is absolutely perfect, from the photo to the colors, the brown with the pink, and then the dotted detail on the cover/back and the inside flaps. The fonts, everything is absolutely perfect about it!

3. What makes the best book reading snack? Beverage?
I actually do not snack/drink while reading. If I got something on one of my books, or even bend a page just a little I get so upset! Not depressed, but I get angry, I just spend $X amount of money on this book and then I go and ruin it! I think it's a complex from when I was a kid and my parents told me I could keep anything in good condition haha I do with books, they're like little masterpieces to me and you wouldn't dare get Dorito residue on the Mona Lisa, right?!

4. What is your favorite nonbook or writing related activity?
I would probably have to say, either designing, or gaming. Designing is my job, but I do it because I love to do it, so it's fun as well. Gaming, I usually do by myself so if I mess up or have to redo something there's no stress on me since I'm the only one I'm trying to please!

5. Out of any book you have read what character would you want to be your BFF? Why?
Oh wow, umm...Actually this one is really easy, I would have to say Georgia Nicolson (from the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison), she's a bit daft and really hard on her friends sometimes, but she's insanely hilarious, and seems to be surrounded by lots of Sex & Luuuuurve Gods :)

6.Why YA books?
Because! They're fun! I mean, I haven't read too many 'older' books but I don't think most of them have dragons and faeries in them! Plus kids most of the time are still growing and learning who they are and it's better to take the trip with them growing up and coming into their own, than it is over older adults who are just sexually repressed. Because seriously? That's usually the main issue in adult books, right? But simply: YA books are usually more imaginative, creative, and funner :)

7. Who is your favorite “scary book” author? Favorite book by them?
This one is an absolute given, because I don't think anyone else has ever or will ever do horror better than Stephen King. Yes there are people who come close, and people who are amazingly good writers, but if you take a look at the sheer ideas of some of King's novels the fact that he even came up with some of the creepy stuff he comes up with is amazing. Me and my mom like to say that he is incredibly talented, and an incredible writer, but that we wouldn't want to be stuck in one of his novels. We're too young to die. Or be scarred for the rest of our lives. And as for favourite book by him, this is really weird, because my favourite Stephen King book isn't a scary one! I would have to say def hands down it would be The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon! (Although I really also love Christine!)

8. Complete this sentence: If I wrote a book it would be about…
lots of things! Seriously, I am writing a book right now, and it's about ghosts. But I have another one, and it's about Faeries, and wait! There's another one about a haunted Widow's Watch, and then there the one about the 17 year old zombie killer, and it just goes on and on and on and on and on.

Thanks for the interview! It made me think! Oy, now I have a headache!


Sadako said...

Fun interview! I wouldn't mind being interviewed myself.

I'm at dibblyfresh1@gmail.com and my blog is http://dibblyfresh1.blogspot.com/


GMR said...

Great interview! (psst...you should definitely check out her blog too, she's just as much fun there too...) =0)