Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogger Interview

Interview with Jordan from today. If you want an interview here please email me at Princessashley9 (at) and include your blog link.

1. What two authors should write a book together? What kind of book?
Hmm, that is kind of a hard one. I think it would be really cool if Kelley Armstrong and The Cast's (P.C. & Kristin) got together and wrote a really awesome supernatural book. They are probably my favortire author as of right now so I think it would be really cool to combine the two.

2. Favorite picture book? YA Book? Adult book?
Well, Im not too sure if I have a favorite picture book, but YA (as of right now) would be The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. And adult, another I'm not too sure. I have read half way through, The Host by Stephenie Meyer and that was good, though I haven't finsihed it, but I really haven't read many Adult books though I do plan to.

3. What is unique to your blog?
Hmm, again that is a kind of tough one. I think maybe the way thatI do my reviews. They aren't very formal. I just kind of write what is on my mind and what I am thinking. I know that some people may read books and then write the reviews later but I have to write the review as soon as I am done. That way my thoughts are fresh and I write just what comes along.

4. What is the goal behind your blog?
I think my goal is to help others get opinions about books and open peoples eyes to all the books that are out there. I know when I first started I had never heard of most of the books that I now love and if I hadnt have started blogging I probably still wouldn't know about them.

5. What do you like about blogging?
What I like about blogging is meeting other people and reading their reviews and having people read what I thought about books. It makes me feel kind of special to know that people are interested in what I have to think and sometimes base whether they want to read the book on what I, and other bloggers, thought about the books.

6. Do you plan on attending a book convention?
Eventually, I would love to go to a convention. Unfortunately where I live there are many author events, and I dont have a job so I cant really afford to travel for them. But one day I will be going! lol

7. Do you tell all your friends you blog and review? What do they think?
I have told some of my friends that I blog and review books. Some think its cool, others dont really say anything. My dad gets annoyed becasue he says that I have more books than I can read but what he doesnt realize is that my stack of TBR books is nothing campared to some out there. :) My brother on the other hand, loves it and is thinking about starting one himself, but for video games and books. He has actually done two for my blog.
The Demon King - Cinda Williams Chima
The Alchemyst - Michael Scott

8. Opinion on banned books?
Ok, so this one I am going to try and keep short because, well I think it is just plain STUPID!!!!! I understand that some parents find things in books to be offensive, but why should everyone be punished. If they dont want their kids reading something than they should monitor them in the library or at schools, they should send home forms. I think there are more parents out there that don't care what their kids read versus parents that do care. I just think that there are other ways of going about keeping kids from reading certain books than banning them from everyone else.

Thanks for having me on your blog.

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