Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogger Interviews

Today Choco from http://inwhichagirl.blogspot.com/ is here for a chat. Want to be interviewed? Leave me a comment with your email.

1. Secret fictional crush?
Haha. I quite like Mr. Darcy. And Jace from City of Bones, or Patch from Hush, Hush. What can I say? Being snarky is a plus in fictional characters. Not so much in real life though.

2. What book should be a movie? TV Show?
Ooh. I've always wanted to see Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones or Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce as a movie, especially with so many children's fantasy movies being made nowadays. Same goes for a TV show.

3. Have you ever met any authors face to face? Who?
Nope, never. I have yet to meet one of those geniuses. Although, I did get excited earlier this week because I'd received my first signed book. I mean, a REAL LIVE author actually had to go through the trouble of writing my name on an envelope. So exciting. Hopefully my first of many brushes with godliness.

4. What author would you want to write a collaborative book with? Why?
Diana Wynne Jones. I sort of worship her books. As in, reread them everyday. I still haven't worked up the courage to send her a fan letter. I'd probably die and go to heaven if I was even in close proximity to her, let alone writing with her.

5. What has been your favorite school assigned book? Why?
As a rule of thumb, I hate every book I've had to read for school. It just happens. Once I have to do a project on it or agonize over the symbolic meaning of the weather in a particular scene, I begin to loathe it--Dear Mr. Henshaw never stood a chance. But I did like The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood a lot. She's a wonderful writer.

6. What is your goal with your blog?
Just to continue blogging and writing book reviews. I'm fairly new to blogging, but it's so much fun!

7. As a child what book did you love?
I still love the vast majority of the books I've read as a child--I make frequent trips to the children's section in the bookstore. I think the book that really got me to start reading in third grade was The Witches by Roald Dahl. Ooh, and Half Magic by Edward Eager. And of course Harry Potter. Towards the end of elementary school, I became obsessed with books by Diana Wynne Jones.

8. Do you want to write a book? If so what’s it about?
I'm starting on my second book--first one was a middle grade fantasy that took me three years and as I've found, is complete and utter crap. Still writing horribly, but at least I'm giving it my best. I'd like to say I'm being dastardly secretive about my WIP by not telling you much about the plot, but in truth I'm a skittish, all-over-the-place writer so I have no idea. I mean, I'm nearly 20k into this thing, and I haven't an idea of what it's about. I'm writing very oddly with this one--snippets of a hundred or so words, from the middle then the end, then the beginning; and writing backwards and all manner of strange writing habits. It's going to be a horror to piece together if I ever finish.

It's a YA fantasy and involves: a nearly dead body, a maybe-love triangle, a case of very bad plague, lots of beautiful fall trees, much angst, more blood than I can stomach, a girl with an affinity for switchblades, a sadly empty refrigerator, rather too much politics, killer snow, and a smattering of magic.

I really would like to publish a book someday. My writing's nowhere near passable as of now, but this is good practice!

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