Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cinnamon- VC Andrews

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Title: Cinnamon
Author: V.C. Andrews
Price: 4.99
FTC: This is my book that I purchased. I did not receive it from the publisher.

Grade: A
Rating: 15+

Summary: Barnes and Noble
For Cinnamon, dreaming of imaginary worlds and characters is her only escape from her mother's breakdowns. Her grandmother's overbearing control. Her family's turmoil. But Cinnamon is discovering something special about herself, a gift from deep within that sets her apart: a talent for the theatre that would finaly give her a truly escape.

My Thoughts:
While reading this novel I came up with a new way I wanted to review. I took notes while reading so I wouldn’t forget any little things I had wanted to mention. The first point was that I was almost creped out by the Grandmother and Father relationship. The guy was what, 40 or 50? There was no need for that old woman to be competing with his wife for the man’s love. At least it didn’t turn out they were having an affair but still. That grandmother is one evil witch!

At the point where the characters realize the father was distracted I gave a big no duh. It turns out I was to quick to judge and the reasons weren’t as the seemed! It was good that it didn’t turn out to be so obvious.

Clearance was a hottie! I could just tell from his personality. He’s the kind of guy I wish I could find so it really helped me enjoy the book. I thought the best parts were ones with him in them!

The plot was super unique to me and I loved this book! What a great way to start reading V.C. Andrews!

“Promises are lies wrapped in pretty ribbons.” -Cinnamon


Ashley @ Ashley's Library said...

V. C. Andrews is one author I keep up with and own every book by. Cinnamon wasn't my favorite but I think it had an interesting plot!

Sherry Mauro said...

Have you read the works by the original author? Those are the best, though the ghost writer has done a great job of creating new stories. READ Flowers in the Attic, too good!

Check my blog for more info on VCA!