Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Must Monday... On Tuesday

Okay, okay, I suck! I forgot to set this to post Monday so here it is!

The Heart is Not a Size
Beth Kephart
Sumnmary: Barnes and Noble
Georgia convinces her parents to let her travel with a group to Juarez, Mexico, to help improve life for those living in a devastatingly poor area of the border town. Despite the poor living conditions and threats to personal safety, Georgia believes she can make a difference. Leaving behind her comfortable life in Pennsylvania, she spends her time under the hot Mexican sun building, of all things, a community toilet for the local natives. Going along for the experience is Georgia's best friend, Riley. Giving up the comforts of home are harder on Riley, who enjoys shopping and looking her best at whetever she does. Georgia knows she'll be able to handle the heat and the hard physical labor, but she has her doubts about Riley. There's been something bothering her about her best friend, but she hasn't been able to confront her. Georgia knows that Riley is constantly striving to live up to her mother's high expectations. In an effort to please her mother, Riley seems to have stopped eating. Georgia knows what is going on but doesn't know how to deal with the problem. She has hopes that the time together will give her an opportunity to rescue her friend.

Why I want it: All the feedback I have heard has been great so obviously I’m going to want to check it out!

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