Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Kind of Love

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What Kind of Love?

Sheila Cole

Avon Flare



FTC: This is my book. I am not being compensated in any way for reviewing this book.

Characters 15/20

Plot 15/20

Setting 15/20

Cover 20/20

Ending 20/20

Total grade: 85% B

Sexual content: moderate

Violence: none

Drugs: none

Underage drinking: none

Swearing: mild

Total rating: 13+

Summary: (Amazon)

Valerie Larch, 15, is pregnant. By the time she visits Planned Parenthood, an abortion is not an easy option. Both sets of parents are against her marrying Peter, and, to keep them apart, the young man is sent to live with his father in Santa Barbara. This six-month excerpt from the young woman's diary reflects her thoughts and feelings from suspecting the pregnancy to setting up an appointment with an adoption agency. Cole's research and proven writing ability combine to create characters and a plot credible enough to hold readers' interest. By limiting the book to only a part of Valerie's story, the author leaves readers wondering whether or not she will go through with the adoption and what her life will be like if she doesn't, effectively causing them to relate to her dilemma and to ponder the consequences of her decision.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book but I felt it had a few too many holes. I didn’t like that it started and stopped in such strange places. It just bothered me. I liked Valerie and felt some emotions for her. I think it could have better if it started before she got pregnant and ended when the baby was born.

If you like books about teen pregnancy this is for you.

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