Thursday, August 6, 2009

Author interview

Today Elizabeth Scott is here to discuss Stealing Heaven with us.

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1. What kind of research did you do for the prominent aspect of stealing?
For the stealing, I read about famous thieves, silver (esp expensive, antique flatware), and even about alarm systems and locks! I did a lot of research for the book.

2. As a teen did you know people who shoplifted?

I actually didn't--my friends and I never even talked about it. Maybe it's because I grew up in a more rural area where stores tended to be smaller and/or you usually knew at least one person who was working.

3. Where did the idea for Stealing Heaven come from?
I knew I wanted to write about thieves, and I wanted them to steal something interesting. I also knew that Dani was really tired of stealing and didn't want to do it anymore. And then I read an article about a failed silver thief and thought--that's it!

4. Was it hard to combine so many aspects (friendship, theft, broken families, etc.) into one novel?
Not really. The hard part was taking that first draft and slowly turning it into something that was readable! :-)

5. Did you have a large knowledge of the East Coast before writing this book? It seems to be very prominent in the story.
Yes. The towns in Stealing Heaven on based on a variety of towns in New England--and those who know what the New York System is will know which state!

6. How far into writing the story did you know how it would end?
Before I started. I can never write a story until I know the beginning and the end.

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