Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today Sophie from is here for a visit. This is what she has to say!

1. Who is your best friend in the blogging community?
I'm sorry to say, I'm not sure I have one. I guess I'm pretty much loosely friendly with everyone. :)

2. What book must every teen girl read?
Dare I say Twilight? No, actually, I think every teen girl should read Uglies, as it carries such great messages, especially about topics that many teen girls are struggling with.

3. Have you ever met any authors?
Yes! Christina Meldrum, author of Madapple, and Julie Siler, author of The House of Mondavi.

4. Do your friends know you blog?
Pretty much everybody knew after I was featured on TV.

5. How do your parents feel about the blogging?
As far as I know, they're thrilled! Both are very supportive and give me tips about it.

6. Do you consider reviewing books a career?
I wouldn't say what I do specifically is a career- yet ;) - but yes, I do believe being a book review can be a career.

7. Do you want to go into publishing?
Well, I'd love to write a novel someday! But I don't think I'm interested in editing/publishing. Who knows, though? That may change.

8. Any advice for new bloggers?
Leave comments on other blogs. This is incredibly hypocritical of me, as I am horrible at commenting, but I really do think it helps!

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Constance Bougie said...

Well, the person interveiwed said to comment on other blogs, so I am, in hope people will discover me as a famous songwriter,poetist, mathmatician, or speed-reader.