Saturday, August 22, 2009

Death by Latte Interview

Today Linda is here to discuss her book, Death by Latte.

1. You seemed to know a lot about Seattle in Death by Latte. Spent much time there?
I have friends who live on Mercer Island and I've visited Seattle and the surrounding area several times, but I did have to enlist help from some locals to make sure I got the details right (for the most part - I've heard from a few readers who corrected me on some details. ; ) )

2. How did you know so much about the CIA? Were there many hours of research involved?
Many, many hours - but since I'm a research junkie, I probably went overboard!

3. Did writing about murders ever creep you out? Any nightmares?
No. Does that say something evil about me? : o

4. What kind of music were you listening to as you wrote this?
I'm one of the weird ones who can't listen to music with words while I write because I want to sing along. But when I'm researching or editing, I had a kind of eclectic playlist on my iPod, including Shattered by Rolling Stones • Come to Life by Alter Bridge • Drown Me Slowly by Audioslave • Not an Angel by City Sleeps • The Pretender by Foo Fighters • Skin and Bones by Jet • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by This Providence • Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls • Hi'ilawe by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole • Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

5. Since Latte is in the title I have to ask, what is your starbucks drink of choice?
I like the Tazo herbal teas, but now that it's hot, I'd go for a frappacino or a smoothie.

6. Who would you want to play Aphra if the series became a movie?
How about Michelle Trachtenberg? I liked her in 17 Again.


Bookworm said...

Great interview! I LOVE this series, and I can totally see Michelle as Aphra!

Eileen said...

I love Linda's books and since I live near Seattle I loved all those details

Carol said...

Title sounds interesting..
thanks for sharing your thoughts and reviews..
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