Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fade to Blue

Cover Image
Title: Fade to Blue
Author: Sean Beaudoin
Release: August 2009
Publisher: Little Brown
Price: $16.99 USD HB

Grade: B
Rating: 14+
Summary: (From Barnes and Noble)
Sophie Blue started wearing a black skirt and Midnight Noir lipstick on her last birthday. It was also the day her father disappeared. Or spontaneously combusted. Which is sort of bad timing, since a Popsicle truck with tinted windows has started circling the house.Kenny Fade is a basketball god. His sneakers cost more than his Jeep. He's the guy all the ladies (and their mommas) want. Bad.Sophie Blue and Kenny Fade don't have a thing in common. Aside from being reasonably sure they're losing their minds.

My Thoughts:
Honestly I don’t believe I could give this book an honest review. It was not for me at all so if I was grading for me there would be a big F! But I decided I would try to look at it a different way, from the point of view of the intended audience. The writing seemed to flow fairly well and there were many details that were great. The plot was unique and having comics involved was also great.

Recommendation: Non chicklit fans


Godlybandgeek07 said...
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Godlybandgeek07 said...

This is a good honest review! I love your blog! I nominated you for some awards!

anotherpageisused said...

Haha, Ashely we posted our reviews on the same day!

But unlike you, I did give this book an F! Haha.