Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Bloggers go Bad...

Recently there was an attack on one of my favorite bloggers. I won’t mention names but I’m sure most of you will know after I conclude this post. She was attacked simply for not being a teen and reviewing YA books. I have a few points I’d like to make as well as show some support from some authors, so here goes.

  1. The genre is called young-adult. Who has the right to decide when someone is no longer a young adult? At my grandma’s church there are still 30 year olds who attend the young adult class they offer. If a 40 or even 65 year old wanted to attend they would not kick them out. What gives any blogger the right to try and force someone out of their blog and/or a genre?

  2. The lack of respect for people has shrunk but this last outrage was incredibly horrid. I am appalled that people who consider themselves book reviewers feel it is okay to call people “bit**es” and “attention whores”. I’m sorry to introduce a new point to these people but there is such thing as the “golden rule”.

  3. You earn things in this world. Nothing is free. This blogger who was attacked puts everything into her blog and excuse me but its inappropriate for someone to tell her that she writes “shi**y” reviews and should not receive free books. She has earned every free book she has received and its not fair to say she hasn’t. I know many new bloggers who are fantastic but its girls like “anon” and “Lena” who give bad names to the new bloggers. Books are a privilege not a right. Obviously the attacked blogger did something right for people to want her opinion.

    I know I kind of seem mad, but to be honest I am. I was not attacked but if it would have me I would have got that person found and in trouble. Cyber Bullying is a crime. It was not one message that could simply be ignored and forgotten. This “Lena” or “Anon” person attacked a blogger. I am simply speaking for myself here but those messages would have made me cry!

    I know there is a possibility I will now be attacked for stating my opinions but at least I got them out there. Just keep in mind, cyber bullying is a crime and I don’t plan on sitting around and watching it continue. You may be “anonymous” to me or whoever reads your comment but you are so easy to track through the police.

    Anyways… I am done with my anger. Read what authors had to say then comment.

"What difference does age matter for a book, the constant pigeon holing books into genres can only be made to look worse by readers and blogger stating that books in a certain genres can only be read and commented on by people of that age. Does that mean only teens can write teen books and people not be allowed to comment on anything but books written by their own age.

That is total garbage, people of any age can read and comment on any age book. My own YA book has had reviews and comments from people between ten and eighty. Just because it gets classed as YA does not mean it can't be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A book is written to be enjoyed by readers no matter WHAT THEIR AGE. Classics like Black Beauty and Winnie the Pooh are not written with a note "to be read by teens only"
What next? Parents un-allowed to watch Disney or cartoons?

As a writer I don't care what age of people read, comment or review my book I am just greatful people have taken the time out to read and ejoy the work we have produced.

I have interviewed numerous writers who have stated over and over again how much the bloggers are appreciated... bloggers of ALL AGES. That is why I try and have blogger guests on my show, as their views are important to any writer."
_Barry Eva

"When I first read about this blogger being harassed about her blogging and reviewing YA books, I was outraged on several levels. As an author myself, as a mother of teenagers, as an avid reader - yes, that does include YA. From the attacker's perspective, am I to understand that anyone over the age of 19 should not have anything to do with YA at all? Okay, let's look at that, for a moment. If only teenagers are allowed to have anything to do with YA, then that cuts out about 90% of the books being written in the genre today. But since they're all adults, they shouldn't be writing the books, right? And people in their twenties or so shouldn't be reviewing the books, according to the attacker, but there wasn't a good enough reason as to why. Why can't someone older give their opinion of a book aimed at teens? Does that mean that a teen can't give their opinion of a book aimed at adults? If that's the case, then no teenager should be allowed to tell their teacher why they don't like Lord of the Flies, Shakespeare, etc. Personally, I like hearing what teens think of books I read in school (which are still required reading today) and I like reading what bloggers of any age have to say about any genre of books - and that includes YA. More important, as a mother, I like to be well-informed about the types of books my girls are reading and it's nice to get that information from a wide demographic of the people reading them. I have even found, horror of horrors, that there are many YA books that are very enjoyable to read. Am I not allowed to read them now because I'm an adult? That's like telling a mother she can't read a children's book to her baby because she's too old. And what if I want to recommend them to someone else? Can I not do that because I'm too old to read them? I think it's a sad day when a person is attacked for doing something that they enjoy. I am a subscriber to the blogger in question and I have never had any reason to believe that the attack on her was justified. I can only hope that she shakes this off and continues to do what she does best."
~Margay Roberge

"A well-written story with characters the reader relates to is the key to a successful book. As an author, I welcome any and all readers, regardless of their age. I would never presume to assign an age limit to readers enjoying an engaging story." ~Beth Fehlbaum

"what a time-suck for you and everyone involved! I don't need to state the obvious (but, hey, I will anyway): The behavior exhibited by "Lena" and the anonymous-holes is such a transparent product of their insecurities and fears and has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. Hopefully at some point (like when they're no longer hormonally-charged teens...and therefore banned from reading YA?), they will realize how their inferiority complexes fueled their hate and do something more productive with their lives. (As a hormonally-charged adult, I still have my moments...but I HOPE I'm not this bad. OY!)" _ Alexa Young


luckygirl1112 said...

That's horriable. Gross and disgusting. People have no right to do that. And if the girl earned them then that was way out of line. You don't have to be between the ages for 14 and 19 to read YA fiction. You can be ANY age. My 47 year old MOTHER reads some of the books I lend her and they are YA BOOKS. AND SHE ENJOYS THEM. I say these people get tracked down because that's wrong on so many levels it's not even funny.

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Eileen said...

I write YA and am horrified to hear this story. Sci fi doesn't have to be read by aliens and historicals are not only for those born before 1889. YA is what the genre is about- not a barrier to entry. Anyone who wants to read YA is more than welcome.

As for cyber bullies, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Bostan said...

I can't believe someone would do that! It is great that books can be read for all ages. Authors that write YA are not always young adults, they are usually adults, i don't see the problem for anyone to read it. Thanks for standing up.

Shalonda said...

Very well said!

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