Friday, January 2, 2009

another update

Hey everyone I feel bad for not posting so here is an update. Let me know if I'm getting to personal.

I spent the morning at the hospital. The nurse told us the end is near. Guess they don't know my grandma, she's such a stubborn b****. She's not giving up with out a fight. I sat with her alone and talked to her. She is outta it but can still hear us. I could see she was really fighting for every breath so I held her hand (gloved since she's still contagious) and told her its okay to let got. At this point I really think its okay if she dies. She's had 90 some odd years to live. I want her to let go to a better place.

Her poor daughter is in a tight spot. They removed the tubes from my grandma but they have her on a comfort care plan. Basically that means she is getting oxygen, pain meds and a salt solution. My grandma's son wont come by. He did for a few minutes but left. Her other daughter is trapped in a flood.

My grandpa is here and I'm taking care of him. He lost his first wife only 15 years ago so its a hard one. Its the hardest thing in the word to cuddle into a 97 year old man and wipe tears from his eyes.

Time for another hospital visit,


Shalonda said...

Once again, I am so sorry to hear about your sad time. You seem to be such a sweet young lady and are handling your situation very well. I am not sure that I was as strong as you when I was your age.

Continuing to pray for you...

stargirlreads said...

Thanks so much for the prayers, my family appreciates it

Katie said...

Im so sorry about your grandmother I dont know If I could do as well in that type of situation. I pray and hope that things will turn out for you and your family.


anotherpageisused said...

Oh sweetie.
I wish I could give you and everyone else in your family a hug. But I guess this will have to do for now. *biiiggggg huuugggg*

I'm praying for your whole family. I hope everything turns out fine.

I love you.

Lexi <3

stargirlreads said...

Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate it so much. Your thoughts and prayers mean everything.