Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekly Mail Call

Here's the books new to me this week.

A christmas present A borders buy
Another borders buy Bookmooch baby!!!!
Bookmooch! From Bookdivas

a great week with books!


Shalonda said...

Great week in books!

I ordered Skinny Dipping this week, even though I haven't read the first Au Pairs book. Oh well I'll catch up. Oooh and I also need to start The A-List (I have the first one). If you're reading these, they must be fun!

Aaahhh! The Lucky One! I love Nicholas Sparks. A Walk to Remember is one of my all time favorite books and this new one looks awesome too. Can't wait to read your review of it!

stargirlreads said...

I love the A-list. read them, now!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I love Nicholas Sparks' books. xD

stargirlreads said...

I hope I end up loving them too! My mom does...