Friday, January 23, 2009

Fab Friday

Wow another fab Friday. Mine is particularly fab because I have a 9 day weekend! Lucky, I know. Anyways. Here is Steph! You can see her blog at

Why did you start it?
Would it satisfy you to know that I did it on impulse after months of deliberation? Because that’s so what happened. Also, I’m really opinionated. It works out pretty well.

How many people subscribe?
I actually have no idea. Google Reader has been stalled since October and I’m stuck with that same reader count. It’s most distressing.

Any advice for new bloggers?
Can I count myself in this group of new bloggers? I would hate to be the alternative: old. :) But all kidding aside, I would say this: STOP.

Stats are not for checking every three nanoseconds. Once a day should do, otherwise you become mentally unstable like me.

Time is key. Almost no huge/monumental/omgazz blog was born overnight and expecting your audience to be that huge within, like, a couple of hours is stupid. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Just chill and let the chips fall where they may, yeah?

Obsessed with free books? Don’t be. The sad reality is that most bloggers don’t get their entire stash for free, or if they do, they’re usually so pressed tight for reviews the joy of blogging is all but vanquished.

Professionalism. It is muy importante, my friend. Keep your promises, be courteous, and never post anything that is not the best it can be. In fact, professionalism is the most important thing, I think, and the only reason it’s not at the top is because STOP is catchier than POTS.

What is your favorite review you have written?
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. I am just a lot better at negatives than I am at positives. No idea why.

Can we have a snippet?
Note: My review was language heavy to mirror (and mock) the book’s love affair with “fuck”.

My main fucking problem is that the wavelength for this novel is something like:

Brilliant Observations, Banter, What-have-you

(Repeat for 183 incredibly long pages.)
And that’s it!

Thanks Ashley for inviting me to do this, and I hope everyone enjoyed the interview. If you want to get in on my campaign for world domination or simply need to see with your own eyes what it’s like to be supremely obsessed with books, pop on by.

Steph: Thanks so much for this wonderful interview. Some how the link to your review vanished. If you wanna send it again I will post it. So sorry! :(

Everyone: If you wanna be involved send me an email! The questions will change so you are welcome to go again! I am also making a newsletter. Want it? EMAIL ME!

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Thanks so much for interviewing me, Ashley!