Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey Everyone I just wanted to give you my final update on my grandma situation.
This is final because, about an hour ago, my grandma passed away. I must say I am relieved but I am also very saddened. I feel horrible that it took so long though. I will forever have her last words on my heart. Although hard to understand she said " Ashley, your here? Thank you for being here. Bless your heart."

Well I gotta go. Grandpa is on his way with my dad. Happy almost bday to me... :(


anotherpageisused said...

Honey I'm so sorry!
I can't even imagine what this would be like. If my grandma died I would be a mess. But I'm glad you got to see her before she passed. I wish I could help in someway. Just remember that your grandma is always watching you and will always love you.
I'll keep praying for you family.

I love you sweetie.

Lexi <3

Shalonda said...

Oh, I am tearing up. My grandmother is 80 and has had some really rough days lately. Just hearing those last words that your grandmother said to you shows the strong connection and love that you share for one another. Always treasure those wonderful times and remember she's in a happy place and one day you'll meet again!

stargirlreads said...

Thank you both so much for those kind words. I really appreciate them.