Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dylan: The Clique Summer Collection

"Correction. Your a loserfan stalker."
Dylan (The Clique) by Lisi Harrison
~Breaking it down~
Characters 10/10
Uniqueness 10/10
Plot 8/10
Well-developed 8/10
36/40= 90%
Language 9/10
Sexual Content 10/10
Violence 9/10
Darkness 10/10
~From the Back~
Dylan and her TV-host mom are off to Hawaii's Aloha Tennis Open. While Merri-Lee interviews tennis's wild child Svetlana "Tennis the Menace" Slootskyia, Dylan lets the tropical sun melt away the memory of getting dumped by two guys at the end of seventh grade. But between avocado mud masks and pool side naps, she falls in love with a preppy, tennis-obsessed hawtie. Dylan soon realizes the only way to score a date with him is to master the game. Can she convince moody Svetlana to spill the secrets of her tennis success, or will she end up oh-for-three in summer love?
~My Thoughts~
This was a cute, little novel. I love The Clique series but singling out one character made it oh-so-much juicier. The romance in this book was cute, although I do NOT know and 7th graders who can flirt like that. The catty girl drama was fantastic and Svetlana's accent was uber funny. A must read for younger readers.
Challenge State: Hawaii


Steph said...

The covers for these always kept me away. The girls seem to be the human equivalent of a yapping chihuahua as far as I'm concerned :S

Anyway! I totally forgot to add you on my blogroll, Ashley. Just did that now.


stargirlreads said...

Okay thanks, I'll add you.

The reason I love them is cause they are so fake it cracks me up.