Sunday, January 4, 2009

Author interview

Please welcome Jennifer Banash, author of The Elite!

Here are some questions and answers:
1. Some authors say they get ideas from dreams. Where do you get your ideas?

I WISH I got my ideas from dreams! That would be awesome--just go to sleep and wake up with a brand new book all plotted out :) I mostly get my ideas from experiences I've had, or from other forms of media like books, newspapers, TV, and film

2. Was there a particular character that you favored?

I love them all, but I have a special fondness for Drew because he's such a mess most of the time. As a result, he's a lot of fun to write! Also, he's kind of the hotness-which never gets old!

3. Madison is really catty. Were you that way in high school or more reserved like Casey?

I was more like Casey--very unsure of myself and consequently hiding behind a wall of false bravado. Actually, Casey's probably a lot cooler than I was in high school, scarily enough :) I was always watching the Madison's of the world though, even back then, completely fascinated by what made them tick and constantly wondering what their private lives were like. Did they ever have bad hair days--or bad days period? I always hated reading books where the "perfect: main character has the predictably "perfect" life, so I very consciously did not want to write Mad's character in that stereotypical fashion when I began working on THE ELITE.

4. How many books do you think will be in the Elite series?

Right now there are three scheduled. But if you guys like them and demand more, I'll be happy to oblige! The best way to ensure that the series will continue is to buy books and spread the word to your friends :)

5. What author are you currently into?

I am currently loving Suzanne Collins, author of THE HUNGER GAMES, and Megan Kelley Hall, author of SISTERS OF MISERY. Both books blew me away, and I think Suzanne and Megan are two wickedly talented ladies--I can't wait to read more from them. I'm also a big fan of THE LUXE series. It's trashy and drama-packed, and definitely right up my alley!

6. Any advice for teens who want to be a writer?

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it--as bad as publishing is right now, if you want to be a writer badly enough, stick with it and don't give up.

Thanks again to Jennifer! This series is amazing, so get out there and buy it!!!!


Shalonda said...

I participated in The Page Flipper's author chat with Jennifer Banash. She was really very nice!

And I just had my Borders store special order The Elite for me because none of the bookstores in my area carry it in store. So FINALLY, I'll be able to read it!

stargirlreads said...

Read it!!! now!!! lol
I love Jennifer. She is really sweet

Laina said...

Great interview!!!

stargirlreads said...

thanks laina. Be sure to check back tomorrow. I have a new author!!!

Laina said...

Who? Who? Who????

stargirlreads said...

its a big surprise!!!!

Lana said...

Very nice interview!

I especially like that you asked her what she was reading - that's always good for recommendations :-)

stargirlreads said...