Friday, January 9, 2009

Fab Friday Week Two

This week we have an amazing blog to spotlight!
Megan at has come in for an interview!!!

When asked why she started her blog she responded with, "I really want to say it's my love of reading and that I wanted to meet other people who love to read, but I mainly did it for the free books and ARC's. The other stuff is true, too, but not a big reason as why I started my blog"

I asked her how many people subscribe and she said, "Not sure what if this is the right answer, but I have 16 followers. And even though that's not a lot, I'm so happy because I never thought anyone would even look at my blog." Wow Megan. Thats a great answer!!!

I also asked if she has advice for new bloggers. Her response was, "I would say to get involved with things going on in the blogging world, like contests, and challenges, etc. Also comment on other people's blogs; they like that plus people will see your name and then check out your blog." I think thats some great advice as well!

Megan was asked what her favorite review she has written was. She told me, "This is kind of hard, but I really liked the review I wrote for Paper Towns by John Green."

Lastly, she sent us a snippet from that review. "It was funny, the characters were interesting, it had a good message. There was even a bit of mystery that made you want to keep reading so you could find out what happened. The plot was unique and the writing was flawless."

Thanks so much for coming Megan!!! If you would like to be involved please email me.