Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sea of Love

"P.S. I love you."
Cover Image Sea of Love by Jamie Ponti
~Break it down~
Characters 10/10
Uniqueness 10/10
Plot 10/10
Well-developed 9/10
Language 8/10
sexual content 8/10
violence 10/10
darkness 9/10
Darby has just moved to Florida because of her dad's midlife crisis. She is missing NYC and that is making her hate Coconut beach. Then someone shows up that just might be able to turn it all around. That is, if the evil witch Monica leaves it alone and a certain someone else packs their bags, dragging their rich butt home.
~My thoughts~
I had never read a Simon Romantic Comedy before but this was sure the way to start. The first couple chapters were super boring but once the author got going there was no stopping. It was one of "those" novels, the kind you cant put down. Needless to say I'm exhausted from my late night of reading.
Challenge State: Florida

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Shalonda said...

Wow! Glad to see such a high rating. I love the Simon Pulse Ro Coms!