Friday, January 30, 2009

Fab Friday

Guess what people?! It's Friday again!!! This week Lizzie is visiting us! She was incredibly fun to talk to and her blog is amazing.

She told me she's a little computer challenged but she was still able to give me the link to her blog. Visit her at:

When asked why she started her own blog she responded,"Books are life, well for me at least. I loved reading but never had anyone to discuss with.I thought a blog would be the perfect opportunity for my voice to be heard and to start discussions and maybe even introduce people to new things."

She started her blog on Christmas. At the interview she only had 13 subscribers. When I just popped in I saw that she now has 30! That's fantastic!

She had some stuff to say to new bloggers. "I'm a new blogger so I still get advice from people but the main thing I would say is just be yourself. When posting don't be afraid to say something because you think people won't share that opinion. Just go with the flow and do what you want."

Her favorite review is also her first review. It was for The Blood Confession by Alisa Libby.

Here is a snippet of her review. Before I begin, I do warn you to not read this if you are bothered by gore. But anyways, I absolutely loved this book. I found it very intersting that it was based on a true story and I think that it made me want to read it more. This dark novel has the perfect touch of suspense. Throughout the book your emotions go wild: fear, sympathy, and right back to fear again. Definatly a thrilling page turner."

Lastly she told me to post, " A special thanks to Ashley for having me and letting me be a part of her super fun interview!
Happy Reading!"

Thanks Lizzie for joining us! If you would like to be a part of Fab Friday please email me. Also if you would like to receive the newsletter.


TruBlu93 said...

Yay! Another blogger.
I tagged you here.

stargirlreads said...

I'll check it out